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We are looking for a few, bright, enthusiastic people who have a little time to spare every month. 


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Featured Volunteers 2022

Thank you to both David and Sheila for Volunteering and making 2022 a success! Why? Read their interviews here.

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David learned about the Wendi Atwood Rogers Foundation during a business conversation with Cynthia, and learned that this was Cynthia's passion project.  He took the initiative to learn more about the Foundation and was pleased with the focus being on Mentorship and decided to volunteer.

This is what Mentorship means to David "Mentorship is about investing in your community. It can be related to your profession, community, or religion."  Going remote had a big impact on David both positive and negative.  Although he enjoyed the flexibility, he missed seeing his coworkers and productivity gained from an in-person meeting.

David has some excellent career advice - "Stay proactive and intellectually curious. By staying proactive and intellectually curious you will find new and more effective ways to solve problems."

We asked David if he could have dinner with anyone, who would it be.  "Siddhartha Gautama, commonly known as the Buddha. His understanding of 'the self' and finding internal peace is unparalleled. Additionally, his practice channels our longing for happiness and harmony."

We thank David for his time and graciousness and look forward to working with him again!


Sheila had the pleasure to work with Wendi, knew of her work ethic and her kindness and answered the call to help us.

Sheila believes "successful mentoring relationships have powerful positive lingering effects in a variety of ways. Mentoring others allows me the opportunity to pay it forward."

"As a mentor, I want to share my experiences so that it may help others not make the same mistakes I did or give them the opportunity of additional choices they may not have had available to them otherwise."

Sheila's career advice is to think about what makes you happy, especially when you are committing 8+ hours a day to your work.  Figure out where you can make an impact, share your knowledge and skills, and with that, build your passion.

If Sheila could have dinner with anyone, it would be with Sandra Day O’Connor. "She was the first of many things in the legal field. I think it would be interesting to hear about her struggles and wins."


We thank Sheila for her time and kindness in helping us pay it forward and look forward to working with her again!


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