Our mission is to provide no-cost mentor workshops, support community service projects, and make donations to support mentoring and education. 

As friends and paralegal colleagues of Wendi A. Rogers, we created a perpetual gift in honor and memory of Wendi – something tangible that, like Wendi’s continuous service to others, would be like the pebble in the pond, creating ripples outward to help others.  Wendi did this in all aspects of her life:  family, community, friends, church, and paralegal organizations.  As her comrades in the paralegal profession, we worked with her, beside her, and under her leadership in many activities which has helped shape the paralegal profession. "Connected we create change serving as mentors and stewards of the community." Debbie Oaks McBride. 

The Wendi Atwood Rogers Memorial Fund, through Fidelity Charitable, will carry on Wendi's legacy by giving to mentor, community service, and pro bono programs, so that we may continue the work of a natural community leader, exceptional paralegal, wonderful mother and wife, and incredible mentor. 

We seek your support by serving as a volunteer, a mentor, or by making a tax deductible donation.  To learn more about current opportunities, please contact us through the Contact page.  Monetary donations can be sent to:

"Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund"

for Wendi Atwood Rogers Memorial Fund

P.O. Box 770001

Cincinnnati, OH 45277-0053