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Becoming a Non-Profit and Giving

EXCITING NEWS! The Wendi Atwood Rogers Memorial Fund is becoming "The Wendi Atwood Rogers Foundation". As we have said all along, "With Wendi's Help, we create change!" We have put in some hard work over the past four years, and now we are excited about what our future holds for helping others through community efforts, mentorship and grants.

Since we cannot meet in person to build mentorship or host a fund raiser, we looked to granting money and growing our cause. Because of a generous donor, we were honored to make several donations.

We have donated $2,500 to the Dallas Education Foundation to assist with providing online education to students who do not have Internet access. Many students are living in temporary housing or homeless, and COVID19 is making it harder for these students to finish their high school education.

We also donated $500 to Leadership Forward in Dallas, Texas. This program works with two high schools in Dallas with at risk students by matching students with mentors. Mentors help students finish their high school education and start the next chapter in their lives whether it be technical school or college.

Last, because of the economic situation, there is a much greater need for food, and we cannot ignore that in our community or yours. We have given $500 to the North Texas Food Bank where they are able to stretch $1 far and feed a lot of families.

If you are considering giving for the holidays, consider areas of need in your community. Is it a food bank, is it a homeless shelter, or maybe a program for the elderly. Next year, once we our 501(c)(3) application is granted, we hope you will consider donating to us.

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