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Can We Start Over?

Our journey in life throws many curve balls at us, and the way we handle those curve balls defines who we are. There are days where I am good at hitting curve balls, and other days where I completely stink and want a "do-over." There are times where I think I want a really big do-over where I can remove all the negative experiences and create only positive experiences. But if I look at a each curve ball being individual and no two are alike, then the reality is I had only one opportunity at that one curve ball, so it's hard to have a cumulative do-over. But can I start over?

YES! I can start over and so can you. How many times have you heard a story where someone had a great life (or from the outside it appeared so), but it turns out the person is miserable so they started over? This story line makes for great books, movies and TED Talks. No matter what the circumstance that brought someone to completely start over, people do start over and succeed at creating happiness in their lives.

Successful "Start-Overs" start with people who acknowledge they are unhappy, own their unhappiness and dissatisfaction, and then decide to start over. I have done it more than once. Did I have to experience unpleasantness to realize it? Sometimes I did, but for the most part, once I made my decision to make changes in my life and move towards happiness, the people around me were also happy. Just like each individual curve ball, each individual person is going to start over in their own unique way. Don't try and squeeze a square peg through a round hole.

Enjoy what you are doing, don't do something new because you are unhappy with what you are doing and just want a change, any change. Explore feelings, dreams, bucket-lists and start small. Mentors can help, but make sure you have the right mentor. You create how you deal with curve balls, so take your time, give yourself space to think, contemplate and consider. Last, enjoy your exploration and your Start Over.

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