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Happy New Year - Learning to Have Fun

It's January 3, 2022 and I'm at work. Most people are off work today still celebrating, but that's okay, I'm thankful for having a great job, great employer and a vehicle to use my skills. But all work and no play makes for a dull mind.

Wendi was a master at having a good attitude and having fun even when she was working. She saw the positive in all of her tasks at work. Of course, she did get stressed just like anyone else, but was able to manage her stress better than most people I know.

One of the ways I like to manage my stress at work is by listening to music. Depending on what I'm working on depends on what kind of music I listen to. Today, as I'm working on archiving electronic files, I listened to some of Wendi's favs, music from the musical Grease. She loved musicals and sound tracks. My memory sent me straight back to Wendi singing all of the songs from Grease word for word.

The take-away here is to try and have fun, see the positive in your tasks, and learn to be happy!

Happy New Year!

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