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Learn from 2019 for 2020

Usually, at the end of the year, I think about how Wendi Rogers was taken from this world suddenly on a New Year's Eve day, and how the world is without a great human. This New Year's Eve, however, proved to be more upbeat and I have a smile on my face. In trying to put my finger on it, I realize that through Wendi, we have created a legacy, positive moments, and a plan to continue learning, helping and giving; and thus, no need for dwelling on the negative.

In 2019, The Wendi Atwood Rogers Memorial Fund spread awareness, helped others, made new friends, granted our first gift, and hosted another successful mentorship workshop. Despite simply thriving on a few volunteers and a small amount of donations, we were able to make an impact. We partnered with the Dallas Area Paralegal Association to bring together members and non-members for a combined mentorship workshop hosted in Downtown Dallas. Through this effort, we made new friends and promoted our cause.

We also made a $500 grant to The Path4Life, known as "The Path" to the after-school students that rely on it for a safe place to go, study, and hopefully get a meal. Not only did we provide our first grant, but we also gathered a trunk full of school supplies for kids in need for the fall of 2019. We truly appreciate working with Alyssa Mathes who helps run The Path, and know that this is what Wendi would have done.

Last, several individuals reached out to our co-founders for assistance and mentorship. I'm proud to say the three of us were able to help several people just starting their careers and some who just needed us to ignite the rocket boosters.

I am happy and smiling because I know 2020 will be even better! Don't forget that even the smallest gesture can help someone.

From top left to right, 1st pic: Melinda and Mia, 2nd Pic: Wendi Atwood Rogers Memorial Fund Co-Founders Cynthia, Debbie and Kristine with Alyssa from the Path, 3rd Pic: Heather and Aaron from the Dallas Area Paralegal Association, bottom left, Heather, and last, a beautiful thank you note from Alyssa at The Path.

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