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Starting Anew

As I think about how I want to grow the Wendi Atwood Rogers Mentorship Program that my co-founders and I have created in Wendi's name, I think about those we have helped, encouraged and pushed, and those that we are waiting to help, encourage and push. The last three years have been enjoyable and a learning experience in many ways. Most of all, we love hearing about successes, even if it is a year or two later.

Defining joy and success for yourself is a personal thing. What does it mean to you? I thought of everyone we have helped and are waiting to help today, and wanted to share a video. This is a YouTube Video produced by Johnny Bigger. The video is of Matthew McConaughey's 5 Life Lessons, which he shared during University of Houston Commencement Address in 2015. It reminds me of other life lessons as well, maybe it will you too.

Please enjoy!

Carpe diem

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