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Reposted from September 2019

The Wendi Atwood Rogers Memorial Fund made its first grant in July of 2019. We were very excited to be able to support The Path4Life, one of Wendi's favorite places to support. The Path4Life Student Center is a Christian based non-profit, which provides a place for kids and teens to gather after school. They provide activities, food (because many of them will not have dinner waiting for them at home) and a comfortable place to hang out or do homework.

We supported The Path, as it is known, because that is what Wendi would want. The Path supports students in the Tom Bean (Grayson County, Texas) community in various ways including social aspects, education, and mentoring. You can Follow the Path on Facebook and see how our funds have helped at

In the future, as we continue to provide free Mentor Workshops and support, we hope that others will support our efforts as well. All funds donated to the Wendi Atwood Rogers Memorial Fund go directly to a charitable fund. Not one penny is spent on mailers, websites, workshops, supplies .... nothing. All of it will and is donated directly to a 501(c)(3) that is supporting people through mentorship programs.

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