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Stuck at Home - Ideas to Make Money

It's Monday and you are still in your pj's instead of making your long commute to the office. As the numbers of Covid19 cases rise, and a vaccine is not imminent until the winter, we are all wondering what our new norm will be.

One of our missions is to provide mentoring to anyone who wants it and needs it. Of course, the current state of affairs makes this a bit difficult, but we have many lines of communication, so this should be easy. We are an email, blog comment, phone call away.

For now, while we are all still adjusting, changing, or reinventing, I am sharing a link to a Forbes article from 2018. Yes, it is 2 years old; however, Forbes posts articles just like this every year, and there is a new one for 2020 as well. The article is entitled "12 Ways You Can Absolutely Make Money Online."

For me, I have made money selling items online, and I have picked my blogging habit back up. Check out this article, and see if there is something you can do. Maybe your expertise in a particular area can become a money-maker.

See you soon.

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