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The Secret

One of Wendi's favorite books is The Secret. Many many years ago she introduced me to this book and said I should read it. This was probably a not-so-subtle hint. I purchased the book in hardback, read it, and then shelved it. I didn't really concentrate on it or absorb the content, and I didn't think another thought about it until recently.

As I grew mentally and emotionally (it took me a while) I learned to meditate. Yoga and meditation combined are rejuvenating and I love it. And while I was involved in a group meditation, someone mentioned that I should read The Secret. I took this as a sign, so instead of digging out the hardback I still have, I purchased an audible electronic version. Re-reading this book has been a journey for me. I want to savor it and hang on every word, I take notes and complete tasks suggested in the book. It is a life-altering moment. Now that I am much more mature mentally and emotionally, I am ready to read this book Wendi suggested and understand what she wanted to share with me.

There are several books I recommend to people, sometimes I purchase the books and give them as gifts, but I can always tell whether the person is ready for the book by the look on their face when they open the package. When they are ready, they will read the book and learn what I wanted to share.

I'm sharing this with you now, and I hope you read it. This is a great website to look at even if you do not want to purchase the book. I hope you enjoy it as much as Wen

di did.

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