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With Wendi's Help - Who, What & Why

It all starts with one woman who was truly larger than life itself - Wendi Atwood Rogers. She was a sister who would make you giggle. She was a friend before you knew her. She was a mother above all else. She also conquered the legal field as an accomplished Paralegal. After sitting with those who knew Wendi for only five minutes, we learned that they quickly seem to know how well-respected Wendi was among her peers.

As many who knew Wendi would say, she had her hands in everything! Wendi was active in the local, state and national paralegal associations. She held a board certification as a Personal Injury Trial Paralegal from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and obtained her credential as a Certified Paralegal. Her awards and numerous recognitions all served as a testament to her personal and professional achievements. Amidst tackling her own professional goals, Wendi helped launch the career of countless paralegals through her impactful work in mentorship and building connections, even post-mortem.

Wendi didn’t stop at her career. She was a wonderful wife and partner to her husband long before they had children. Then, when Wendi and her husband were raising their own children, they lent a helping hand to other children in need in their community. Wendi helped other children get involved with sports, helped them get access to after school activities, and helped with even the most basic need, food.

Following her unfortunate passing in December 2016, a close group of Wendi’s friends and family began working to uphold her legacy in mentorship and support. The Wendi Atwood Rogers Memorial Fund was established, and then soon after evolved into what we know this incredible initiative to be now – The Wendi Atwood Rogers Foundation.

Wendi’s ability to connect leaders with learners, initiatives with other world-changers, and mentors with mentees was unparalleled throughout her life. As such, the goal of the Wendi Atwood Rogers Foundation is to uphold those values by facilitating support through mentorship workshops, community service initiatives, and by helping to forge meaningful professional and philanthropic relationships with others. At its core, the Wendi Atwood Rogers strives to celebrate the life and legacy of Wendi with the deepest understanding that when connected we create change.

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