The Inaugural Mentor/Protege Workshop was a Success!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the first Mentor/Protege Workshop hosted by the Wendi Atwood Rogers Memorial Fund.  We designed a free Workshop that everyone could enjoy and benefit from, and it was a success!  Thank you again to our special guest speakers, Vinny Minchillo, Melissa Leslie, Susan Wilen, Jay Willaims, Michele Boerder, Dudley Knox, Kelly Zimmer and Hilary Roberts.  We raised funds and received a lot of thank you notes, including:


BTW, everyone, Saturday’s Wendi A. Rogers Mentor Protégé event was a HUGE success.  The program was excellent and I fully expect a surge in membership from it.  Cynthia, Deb Oaks, Kristine Farmer and Michele plugged DAPA again and again.  I had multiple students approach me afterward, with DAPA applications in hand! 




Thank you so very much for taking the time out of your schedule to encourage a beginning paralegal like myself.  I did not know Wendi, but after meeting with you all and witnessing the impact that she had on so many lives, I wish I did. I am also so very grateful that you remembered to send me this PowerPoint presentation. You give me such hope and I just want you to know that the fire you lit will not be extinguished. I am forever grateful!


Best regards,



“.....thank you for doing this in honor of Wendi.  I think she would be so pleased!” 




Hope to see you soon for our community service project in October 2017!



Here are some photos from the Workshop.  We hope to share part of Vinny Minchillo's speech on resumes soon.








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