2nd Annual Mentor Workshop - In the Bag!

August 6, 2018

Thank you to all of the attendees, volunteers, and speakers at this year's event.  The event was a success in teaching us about ourselves.  Hopefully everyone involved left feeling gratified, motivated, and good about asking for help and helping others in work life and personal life.  We will be posting snippets of speeches from our presenters on our blog, so keep your eye out.


The speakers offered so much helpful advice and had interesting and different perspectives.  Kristine Farmer, Co-Founder, spoke to us about asking for help, and why we find that hard.  Debra Albright spoke about the importance of networking and how that has helped her excel in her 2nd and 3rd careers.  Kathy Connell spoke to us about helping others, and how reaching out no matter what can be a game changer.


We want to specially thank Paige Lawrence, Olympian and Executive Coach, for taking her time to drive to Collin County share her story.  What a unique and interesting story, and incredibly tied to our theme of the day of learning how to ask for help.  The exercise that showed us how different our perceptions are was eye-opening, even though the exercise called for closed eyes.  To that, I say "Alfa Romeo!"


Without volunteers and people willing to serve as a mentor, we cannot help others. Thank you to Anne Blankenship, who provided the homemade goodies, like blueberry muffins, lemon squares, chocolate chip cookies and the gift basket.  Can't go wrong with any of those options.  Michele Boerder and Gina Hotchkiss, who are always there with support. Thank you again Michele for the American Express gift card!  John Hines, Career Coach, Worforce Programs of Collin College, for the space and lugging lots of bottled water up to the 2nd floor, and to Catie from AttorneyResource, there to answer questions for those people considering a career in the legal field.


Between now and next year, we will be planning our community service events.  And until next time, I leave you with a few photographs from the event. 


                                                                                           Paige Lawrence, Executive Coach



                                                            Co-Founders, Debbie Oaks McBride, Kristine Farmer and Cynthia Minchillo with Paige Lawrence


                                                                     Carolyn Atwood, Wendi's mother, took time out to be with us!


                                                                   Gina Hotchkiss, supporter, volunteer, friend










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